Blogger Status: Two Night Shifts in a Row

Hi everyone. After the well deserved two days off in a row, this week´s night shifts will be in Wednesday and Thursday.
In those two days, I had plenty rest, did my housechores, went groceries shopping, went to the countryside and even bought a new fan. My previous fan was so old that I had to throw it away. It´s been so hot here (over 30ºC) that a new fan is very welcome and, once I found a good bargain, I didn´t resit and bought it. I see it as an investment for the summers to come.
Today, after my morning shift, I went to the swimming pool with my daughter. We had fun. Well, we always do but at dinner time we were both so tired that my daughter went straight to bed. Instead of doing the same, I had to satisfy my blogging addition and here I am, updating my blogs. Tonight, I won´t make my usual EC round because I´m to tired for it. After writting a quick post for my other blog, I´ll catch some sleep too.
Tomorow, after midnight, If I don´t arrive home too tired I´ll be online working in my new dot com blog. If you don´t see me around it´s because I went to bed earlier than usual. If I turn my notebook on, it will be difficult to unplug and when I notice it´s already morning. Can´t do this tomorow otherwise I´ll be too tired for work. Well, that´s all for now. Good night to all xx

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