Remodeling To Rent

Now that I have my financial situation more organized, I´m saving money to make some long needed home improvements.
I have been brainstorming ways to reach my goal of living in a countryhome and one idea that makes sense is to rent the flat where I´m currently living.
To put this idea in practice, I have to make some remodeling, specially in the bathroom and balconies. One urgent thing is to replace the back balcony´s tiles and get it painted. I will need, at least, a thousand Euros to put this project in practice.
The flat has two bathrooms but the smaller one is never used. The big bathroom needs urgent repairs, my priority is to paint it and install a fixed bath protection so the water won´t come out. Shower curtains look nice but don´t avoid the water that comes out of the bathing tub.
At last, I will also need to replace the kitchen floor´s tiles. Last year, I had problems in the main pipes and there was a flood in the kitchen. As a result, the floor´s tiles are damaged.
This is not a small remodeling project, I will sure need to find a good professional and affordable material´s prices.
If you´re thinking about doing remodeling projects like me and you need a Raleigh Remodeling you can check the website Bestraleighremodeling and ask for a quote.

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Empty Streets said...


Dropping by to see what's new :) hope things are well and that you have a great week ahead :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Hi Metz!
Thanks for dropping by. No big news, just a few paid reviews :), busy at work and very hot temperatures.
Thanks for inviting me for the meme. I will try to post it soon.
Still have your award to post...and now Marzie invited me for "We are the World" meme too.
Wish you a good weekend too xx