Last Week of School

Hi fellows.
Today, I worked in the morning shift and had all afternoon free.
Although the temperatures are very high here, it rained all morning, which is quite unusual in June. With so much hot, I couldn´t imagine it was going to rain today so I didn´t take an umbrella with me. When I got home I was all wet and had to change clothes. I hope I don´t get one of those awful summer´ sore throat.
As my post tittle says, next Friday my daughter´s school will close for summer vacations. She will have until mid September to enjoy vacations and have fun.
Her class has been preparing a theatre mini-play for the party they are organizing. This party will take place in the last day of school and she´s very excited about it. I won´t be able to attend the party because I´ll be working, it´s a shame but what can I do?
Well, right now I´m off to bed. Later today and tomorow I´ll be doing night shifts, two days in a row. Next thursday I will have one day off. I promissed my daughter we would go to the beach but once the weather is acting out strange, I can´t make many plans.
See you.

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Liza said...

Here, It's been raining a lot and school started this week. Good luck on her play, will she be acting on it?

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Mizé said...

Hi Liza,
Thanks for commenting.
It´s winter where you live right? We live in opposites, summer here, winter there, school vacations start here and end there :)
Yes, my daughter will be acting on the play. It´s a play about living green to save the world. I´m very proud of her :)
Good weekend! xx