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In my country, some important estate laws were recently changed. For example, now, someone who inherits a house from parents doesn´t have to pay the previous absurd succession fees.
I think we´re going trough major changes in our laws and not only regarding estate. Divorce laws and parent´s responsibilities towards sons have also changed. There´s no guilty part in divorce anymore and the process is much easier than before. To simplify divorce, the government even created a new bureau.
With my recent separation, and the change in laws, I had to contract an attorney. Once I have a daughter, the best thing I could do was asking advice from a specialized professional.
If you live in Massachusetts area and you´re looking for an specialized attorney that can provide services to protect your assets, you can check Michael Baker's legal services. The Law Offices of Michael Baker specializes in elder law, estate planning, trust, will, estate administration, estate and business planning, guardianship and premarital agreements.
Attorney Michael Baker is graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in Political Science, Policy Studies and Economics. He received his law degree from the Suffolk University Law School and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 2005.
Attorney Baker has an extensive experience and provides services not only for large and small businesses but for individuals too. His background in finance offers his clients an integrated approach which enables him to work with his client’s other trusted professionals like accountants, financial planners and insurance advisors.
His experience as a financial advisor and as a lawyer with a Boston-based estate planning firm, allows him to offer clients an integrated approach to financial planning, estate planning, business planning and asset protection. Most services are offered at a fixed fee and trough his website you can set up a free consultation. You can get more information trough the telephone number 800.701.0352.

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