Music Monday XXIX

Hello folks,
In this week´s Music Monday edition, I´m featuring a Portuguese group called "The Gift".
The Gift sings both in Portuguese and English. Recently, they launched a project called "Amália Hoje" which goal is to recover Amália´s songs with a modern sound.
Amália already passed away, she was our great "Fado" Diva and her repertoire is a true Portuguese patrimony.
"Fado" is a typical Portuguese music style, not found anywhere else, that includes Portuguese guitar. To hear more Portuguese Guitar, you can check my previous MM singer, Carlos Paredes work or, off course, Youtube.
So, after this brief explanation, I´ll leave you with the song "Gaivota" (Seagull):

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Monica said...

Happy MM Mize! ;-)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Wow great selection for today's MM. Cant wait to download this to my iPod :) Have a great week ahead :)