PR Updates

In the last days of May, there were PR updates. I didn´t notice anything before because all my blog´s PR remain the same.
Tonight, after my EC round, I noticed changes in some fellow´s blogs. That´s how I know there were updates done. I have Google PR toolbar installed in my notebook and each time I visit a website I know it´s PR right away.
If you care about this topic, the toolbar is a very useful tool. If you don´t want to install the toolbar, you can add a PR checker like I have in the bottom of Night Clicks´ page. Just scrool down, visit the website and get the html code to add on your website.
I didn´t expect to improve my blog´s PR because I haven´t worked much for that goal. In fact, here in Night Clicks I´ve been posting more links out than working to get backlinks.
According to my stats, the next updates will be in the last days of August. If your goal is having PR, you have three months to work on it.
Good luck to all :)

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