Updates About Blog Advertising

Tonight, I found that I´ve reached another Adsense payment, cool news for my MMO activities :)
Last month, my earnings improved thanks to my new Portuguese blog. After all, starting another blog in the food niche was a good bet.
ProjectWonderful has been a slow earner for me and, in comparison, Adgitize has worked much better, although I only reached payout once. I haven´t tried CMF ads yet, and I´m still waiting for an EC payment. For me, Adsense really beats them all.
Yesterday, I decided to check ppp TOS and noticed some requirements weren´t listed there anymore. Currently, their TOS doesn´t say anything about interims and a minimum number of weekly posts. I don´t know when this new changes took place but I was so surprised that I decided to double check it, found nothing. This website is my best earner ever. Well, that´s all for now. See you in a bit.

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