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When I was a teenager, I had a boyfriend who could play the piano. He worked part-time in a piano-bar and could play many different styles of music. When I had dinner in his parent´s house, he would play the piano just for me.
This boy really knew how to touch a girl´s heart. He could play such a vast repertoire of romantic songs that we could spend the whole night listening to them. He could play both classic and modern music, my favorite was Mozart.
This boy gave me the most romantic times I had in my life. I just can´t help it, each time I hear someone playing the piano, I remember him right away.
If you play the piano and you´ve been looking on the Internet for music sheets, there´s a website called where you can get them for free. is a website that offers a vast collection of sheet from different music types. The sheets are available in pdf format so you can easily keep a copy of your favorites. All music is organized by artist and you can also use a toolbar available on the top of the screen.
1001sheets website also has Forums and, currently, they are looking for moderators for the free piano sheet music.

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