1 Buck Reviews: No, Thank You

Hello everyone. Just came back from a night shift and tonight I´ll be updating my Portuguese blogs but before I go, I have an opinion to share.
If you checked PPP lately, you probably noticed the same I did. Lots of 1 buck opportunities requiring 200 words. Now, I can do affordable reviews in my blogs but one buck? No thank you, I pass it.
I happy with the money I already earned trough reviews but I´m not exchanging my time for so little. Maybe some bloggers don´t think like me, one buck here, another one there...
Not me, I´m not working for so little. I´d rather be reading interesting stuff or visiting my EC fellows. Is this the crisis effect, or what?
Ok, this was just another one of my rants.
See you :)

2 comentários:

Monica said...

Hello Mize! I'm not working for so little either ;)

Mizé said...

Hi Mon,
Good, you think like me!
What the heck do they think we are, lol!
Good Friday my friend. Hugs from here. xx