Summer Camps


Both me and my daughter love water. My daughter is the type of kid that goes to the beach or swimming pool and never gets out of the water since the moment we arrive there. Now that summer vacations are here, she wants to go to the beach everyday but because I´m working in shifts that isn´t possible. I try to go with her to the swimming pool, at least, once a week and every Sunday she goes to the beach with my ex but for her that isn´t enough.
One thing she would love but never went to are Summer Camps. She´s old enough to spend some days in a summer camp but I don´t know many here. When summer began, I saw a poster of a summer camp in Tavira. This was a summer camp only dedicated to water sports but it was in a distant town and a bit expensive for my pocket.
If there was a summer camp here in Faro, I would send her there for a few days. I´m sure she would have a fun time and the opportunity to socialize with new friends. When I was her age, I used to go to summer camps too. I remember having so much fun there, I can say those were the best summers of my childhood.


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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Dropping by via Entrecard and checking out what is new over here. Hope your week is going well and that it keeps getting better :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Hi Metz,
Happy to see you here :)
Things are going good. Lots of stuff to do, as usual.
I just noticed you have a new look :) Makes you look older but it´s cool. Like it.
Great rest of week for you too! Hugs from here xx