Blogger Status: Adapting to New Schedules

Hello everyone.
Hope you are all having a good week. Mine has been quite busy but mostly offline. Although in the past week I haven´t posted much here, I´ve been online almost every night. I´ve been working in the "backstage" for my blogs. Basically, I´ve been searching for new opportunities to expand my earnings and writing new posts.
My dear friends Metz and Mariuca invited me to participate in a couple memes and I´ve been thinking about them so much but these days my online free time doesn´t seem to be as much as I´d like it to be. You can blame my offline full time job and it´s crazy and deregulating schedules.
Last week, my job´s schedules changed and I´m still trying to adjust myself to this new situation. Doing shifts isn´t easy but with time I know I will adapt to my new reality. One of my new schedules is 14.00 pm to 22.00 pm. I don´t like this new schedule much because when I´m doing it I can´t have dinner with my daughter. Dinner is my sacred family meal and not having it has been hard.
Well, the good part is my days off. Once my daughter is on school´s vacations, I try to spend these days off with her. Going to the swimming pool has been her favorite choice and when I´m out all day, my online chores are left in a second plan.
Well, I´ll be around for sure. If you don´t find daily posts on Night Clicks, don´t worry, I´m resting or out there having fun. Whenever I can, I also continue to make my usual EC rounds. I found a few new blogs trough the system that I´m enjoying.
Good night to all :)

2 comentários:

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

awww, no pressure with the memes honey :) we love you just the same and to be honest I am quite impressed with how you have been able to manage your time between your personal life and online life ehehe :) maybe you can teach us all a lesson on time management sometime :) Have a great weekend dear :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Hi sweetie!
Oh...I just think about the memes so much...and I always write about what goes trough my mind in my Blogger Status posts.
It´s so good to know I´m loved no matter what :)
Sure! But...there´s nothing special about my time management...I just don´t sleep as much as I should :)
Enjoy your weekend too, many hugs xx