Financial Education

Many countries worldwide are experiencing the economy downturn affects. The US dollar lost value when comparing to European currency and this fact has a huge impact in many countries´economy.
In Portugal, the economical is worrying many families that keep living paycheck to paycheck. For example, comparing to previous years, banks are not approving home loans as easily as before. The unemployment rate has not decreased, factories are reducing their production and many families are struggling to get out of debt. Essential goods prices are lower now but the minimum wage has not increased. Currently, inflation is near 3%, a higher value than the best previsions expected.
At the same time, house value has decreased and it´s not a good time to sell property. An expressive percentage of families are paying higher mortgages than their home´s market value. Others have requested different credits and decided to request Debt Consolidation Loans to be able to keep all compromises acquired in previous years.
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