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As some of you know, the biggest and most expensive dream of my life is living in a countryhome. I´d like to live in the countryside but in a region not much isolated. If I had the money to make my dream come true, I would build a countryhome from scratch.
My wish is to build a countryhome designed by me according to my needs. If I could make it my way, I could chose the location of the house, size of the bedrooms, number of windows, materials, colors and everything else. That´s my real dream and I quite have it all figured out.
A nice fireplace for winter, a barbecue in a small but peaceful garden for summer, no neighbors to wake me up in weekends, some pets, and I would be the happiest girl on earth.
I wouldn´t build the house myself, off course, I would contract a good home builder. Oh, it´s good to dream. I belive that sometimes dreams can come true.
If you live in Lincoln area and you´re looking for Lincoln University home builders you can check the services offered by T:G:S., Inc. This company offers home building services in Chester County and surrounding areas. They specialize in custom built homes, home additions, garages, major renovations and remodels.

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