My Notebook is Fixed

Hello everyone,
I´m back from a night shift and, although I´m tired, I couldn´t end my night without blogging a bit :)
I have good news, I finally fixed me notebook. It was rebooted and now I think it´s working fine. I still think that it gets too warm underneath when it´s on for some hours but with the hot temperatures we´re having here I guess it´s normal. Maybe I need a notebook support. Next time I go to the tech shop I gotta check their prices. A notebook support is good to help the machine in "breathing better" and avoids high temperatures underneath it.
I´m happy because I managed to fix my Toshiba without high repairing costs and I returned my ex his notebook too.
With this change, I lost some pictures, documments and software I had installed in his notebook because I didn´t have enough CDs to copy everything. Nevermind, I copied the most important stuff I had saved in his notebook and all the rest I can get from the Internet, except the pictures. Now I have some tasks to do.
I already installed the antivirus software to safely browse the net and downloaded all the Windows updates available. This is the first step to my notebook´s good health.
I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 but when I browse some websites that I usually visit, I get a safety warning notice that didn´t show up when I was using IE 7. Weird and not nice because I have to close this notice´s window all the time. I think I´m going to install IE 7 back.
I still need to download Firefox to do EC drops and some software I always use such as Wordweb (to check my english spelling) & a software for pictures. I also have to restart my favorites´ list, right now it´s empty.
Well, after this little things, I´m ready to do my usual blogging nights.
See you soon :)

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