Motorbikes Weekend

Hi everyone.
Yesterday night, I went downtown for a walk with my daughter and noticed that Faro is already crowded with very cool motorbikes.
Something I never told you before is I used to ride a motorbike, but not anymore. I still have a Honda 750 in my garage that belonged to my father but I´d rather drive my Ford :)
So, my town is full of motorbikes because Faro´s motorbike club is organizing their 28th gathering and this annual event is considered to be the biggest motorbike Mecca in Europe.
I already wrote a short post about this upcoming event in my other blog "My Country Home" but once not all Night Clicks followers visit me there, I decided to blog about this topic here too.
For more info and previous edition´s pictures, visit Motoclube de Faro website at:
I got the poster above from their site.

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