I´m My Mother´s Driver

In Portugal, you can only get a car insurance if the car is registered in your name. Last February, when I broke up with my ex and lost my previous car I had to buy another one. Here we really need a car. Once I don´t have the divorce papers yet, I had to buy the car in my mother´s name.
My mother started driving when I was born, a long time ago. A few years ago, she had an accident and decided it was time to stop driving. Because of this, she didn´t renovated her driving license, it expired in 2002. Because she didn´t have a valid driving license, I had a hard time making a car insurance in her name. Fortunately, in Portugal, we can make an insurance in the car owner´s name only if someone else is the driver. This way, my problem was solved. I made an insurance in her name but I´m the driver.
It was important to share all these details with the insurance company to get a comprehensive car insurance policy. This way, if I have any accident we´re both protected.

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