My Bureaucratic Country

I have a list of things to do but when my day off arrives, all I want to do is rest and spend some quality time with my daughter.
Portugal is a very bureaucratic country and without the necessary papers we can´t get things done. Although we already have computers installed in most of our government agencies things are to slow for my taste.
We´re having awesome summer days and the last thing I want is to spend a whole afternoon in a bureau just because I need a paper.
This month I have to pay my car´s annual city tax and make it´s inspection. I will take one whole day only to get this two things done but if I don´t make them till the end of July I can get fined by the police, well, in case they catch me, lol.
I also need to get some papers from the city hall and the finances bureau, two more lost days in there. Gosh! Why did the government installed computers everywhere if they don´t use them? If we could get these papers online, things would be much easier for all of us.

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