Night Clicks - Not a "Do Follow Blog"

Night Clicks, my central office as I like to call it, is not a "Do Follow" blog in a long time. I still have the link and widget to one of this directories in my sidebar but I´m not a part of it anymore.
I made this decision due to SPAM issues. Like any other blogger, I like comments about my pots´s content, even when I blog about the weather, and not about Bingo, Panda bags or any other topics or links spammers use.
I give links to whoever I want whenever I want, period. I exchange links with other bloggers whenever I feel like. I even accept some blogger´s links in my comments but they won´t get any juice, I know enough html to control my outbond links:)
This blog is almost two years old and in this time I learned a lot by myself. I spend long hours at night learning online.
I´m the master of this place (besides big G) and I like to be in control of what happens here. This is my show and if anyone doesn´t like it I don´t mind, go spam somewhere else.

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