Twitter Buttons

As you may have noticed, I´m a Twitter newbie. I just started using this network last week but I´m enjoying it and already have a few followers. I adopted one simple rule, If you follow me, I will follow you.
I saw very cool buttons of Twitter in most blogs I visit but I didn´t know where to get them. You can laugh, but it´s true.
So, tonight, I decided to find one of this buttons for Night Clicks. I visited and got the yellow button that you can see in my right sidebar. It goes with the current yellow template.
If you know other resources for Twitter buttons, please let me know.
A good night to all :)

2 comentários:

Dorothy L said...

Hey girl...Your twitter button is sweet.
I just had one designed to fit my blog and my website.
The next time you pop in check it out...the link to the designer is also there.
Thanks also for your kind words.
Have a great day!

Mizé said...

Hi Dorothy.
Your Twitter button is cool!
You´re welcome, I can relate to what happened to you. It´s not pleasant at all.
Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend. See you soon :)