Blogger Status: Sunday Off

Hi everyone.
This weekend, I finally have one Sunday off. I will use this day off to rest and go out with my daughter because I´ve done most of my house-chores and groceries shopping during the week. I still have my painting and renovating projects to do but this weekend I want to forget about them and have some fun.
After a couple weeks, I noticed that my new job´s schedules leave me less time to be online, as you can check by the number of posts across all my blogs. I´m not happy with the new schedules because I have less time for me and my online stuff than before. When I work mornings, I can´t stay up late. There go my night owl blogging sessions.
Well, despite the lack of time not all is bad. My job makes me fell useful and the wage isn´t that bad, comparing to other jobs out there.
Last week, I had another haircut. I also went to the swimming pool. Now that the hotest month in the year arrived, I have to use my free time the best I can. I´ll have all the winter to be at home :)
Well, that´s all for now. See you soon :)

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Sandy said...

Glad the job is paying well, thats important in this day and age. Sorry you have less time for blogging, right now I do as well. Work has been heavier than normal.

Stopped in to say thanks for placing my ad, but it isn't here as it's suppose to be per the dashboard. Wonder why?
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Mizé said...

Hi, sorry for the late reply. This week just went by so fast...
~Thanks for your ad. I saw it on EC dashboard and approved it right away but I don´t know why it wasn´t showing.
Blogging is my favorite hobby but my job leaves me so little time left now that summer is here. I hope that winter is calmer so I can dedicate more time to it.
Good weekend!