Music Monday Nr. 40

Monday arrived again! My gosh where did the weekend go?
It´s time for another Music Monday edition. This week I picked a group that a friend recently introduced me. The group is called "Nouvelle Vague" and I picked the song "In a Manner of Speaking". I think it´s a great choice to start the week.
Hope you enjoy it. Happy Monday everyone!

4 comentários:

Shinade aka Jackie said...

oh i always love your choices. I couldn't listen all the way through but that guitar is so romantic!!

Happy MM:-)

Empty Streets said...

Love this seletion :) will be downloading it for my collection in a bit hehehe :) have a great week ahead dear :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Hi Shinade!
Honored for your visit to my humble place :)
Thanks! I think we have similar music preferences.
You can listen to Nouvelle Vague´s songs on Youtube, they´re great. They recently played live here in Algarve. They´re influenced by "Bossa Nova Style". The song I picked is my favorite from them.
Gotta check your pick for this week.
Good Weekend! xx

Mizé said...

Hi Metz,
I´m happy that you enjoyed Nouvelle Vague. I think they´re really great, check them out on Youtube for live videos.
Good weekend my friend!