Weekend Plans: Do Nothing

Hello everyone. Hope you´re all having a good weekend. Mine started now.
As I told you in my previous blogger status post, this weekend I´ll only have one day off.
One day is not enough...I need to rest, clean my flat, shop groceries, update my blogs, think about my next MM and have some fun too. Not to mention my school project. One day isn´t enough for so many chores so I need to plan well or not plan at all :)
My daughter wants to go to the swimming pool but I don´t feel like going. I´m tired, I had a busy week and I just feel like having a "do nothing" type of Sunday. I´m sure she will complain but this week it´s my turn to decide what to do with my day off. Next week I´ll try to compensate her.
So, that´s what I´m going to do. This Sunday I´ll be home just doing nothing special. Cooking, cleaning and blogging will be my priorities. See you around :)

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