About Saving and Spending

Now that I´m living only with my daughter I must only rely on my job´s income. The cost of living in Portugal is high and I´m always trying to save money in every purchase I make. Plus, I recently bought a second hand car and, as I usually joke, with this decision now it´s three of us to support.
In the past years, I avoided credit but recently I subscribed a credit card. After purchasing three hundred and fifty euros with this card the credit card company will offer me a good brand coffee machine that costs around two hundred euros. Once I will pay for all my shopping when I receive my monthly paycheck, they won´t charge me any interests. I´m a coffee lover and I currently don´t have any machine, the last one I had stopped working after five years of intensive use. I think this will be a great deal for me.
I think I´m fortunate because, until now, I never had to use quick cash loan services. I would use this type of services under some circumstances. For example, if I didn´t have any savings and a sudden problem happened in my life such as an accident, an unpredictable expense or even a disease.
If I start spending more than I earn and don´t save any money or if I lose my job, I can easily be in trouble. That´s why saving money is an important topic to me. As a single mother I have to think about the feature because my daughter´s expenses are growing each year.

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