About My Job: Applied For Telephone Operator

Soon, I will complete six months on my current job. With my shift´s schedules, I´m sure Winter will be the hardest part of it.
When I wake up at six in the morning to start my shift at eight o´clock it´s still night and when I finish at midnight it´s too late to do anything but blogging a bit or going straight to bed. The schedules aren´t so bad. The disadvantage of my current job is the load of work. I really work hard...the job is too fiscally demanding.
In July, a new vacancy opened for internal assistants like me. They need one person for telephone operator to replace a colleague which will retire soon. I didn´t hesitated a bit and applied for this job. Hospital´s telephone operators also do shifts, including nights, but they don´t work as much as I do and even earn more.
The hospital´s selection department in charge sent me a letter asking my professional curriculum. I sent it right away. I have a bit of experience in this field and I when I worked at the post office I also had to deal with public.
I really would like to be selected for this job and, once there´s only one vacancy, I´m crossing my fingers to be the chosen one.
Wish me luck, I will sure need it :)

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Monica said...

Good luck and all the best to you Mize! *HUGS*