Calling Relatives Abroad

One way to save money on phone bills and international calls is buying prepaid phone cards. There are many companies that provide calling cards and the competition on this market is an advantage to all users. When competition is high, prices get lower.
If you search online for phone cards, you can check that they have different features. Some cards include recharge, auto recharge, pin-less dialing and speed dialing. There are international prepaid calling cards and international prepaid phone cards with no connections fees, no service fees and no maintenance fees which are ideal for users like me. All you need to do is choose the features that best suit you. I like to use prepaid Phone Cards because I can control the exact amount of money I want to spend on my international calls. With family abroad I prefer using this type of cards than calling from my home phone.
Last Christmas, when I used my home phone to call relatives in France, I had such a surprise in my phone bill that I decided to go back to my previous strategy: Buying Prepaid Phone Cards to call them and when the money in them finishes, so does the conversation. This year, I´ll buy another phone card to call my relatives abroad again. No more surprise phone bills for me, thank you :)

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