Blogger Status: Quick Update

Hello folks!
This week, due to my job, I didn´t have the chance to do my Music Monday edition but I hope I can do it next week.
I have some news about my job and my student life but because those topics deserve a post each, I´ll leave them for future updates.
Overall, things in my life are doing good, except minor frustrations in my personal life that can be seen as normal. As some of you know, I´m trying to recover from a conflictual relationship that interfered in all aspects of my personal life but I think I´m doing a good job preserving my values and standing out for what I believe and deserve.
In the past month, I have neglected a bit my online life and invested more on my job and personal stuff. I think all of us (bloggers) deserve a break, once in a while.
As a consequence of my absence, my online earnings were lower than in previous months and I lost some good opportunities. Well, I can´t have it all.
This month, I hope to be online as usual. I have so much that I´d like to do on my blogs...
See you soon :)

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Allena said...

hi my friend! life has been very busy for both of us, lol! I hope all is well.

anyway, you have an award to collect at :

take care and God bless!!!

Mariuca said...

Hey Mize, good luck to u sweetie, am sure ur doing ur best to cope in your situation right now. Warm hugs! :)

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hey Mize',
it's been way too long since i stopped in. So please forgive me.

First I love the group you chose for MM!! Touche!!

Now in regards to your break up my heart does go out to you. But, unasked I am going to share a story with you from my youth, when I was 24.

I met a man and fell fast and hard in love at first sight!!

The kind of love that even after I lived with him for a year my stomach still got butterflies and my knees went weak every single time I saw him.

He was truly the thunderbolt strike love of my life. Well, it didn't work out.

We lived together for a year and had even gone so far as to get engaged and start talking about our future together forever.

We went house shopping and even discussed names for our future children. I was truly in love with him. I have never had this particular feeling ever again in my life, not even, with Walter, who I have been married to since I was 25.

Well, after a little over a year, with no warning whatsoever, I came home from work one day to find him in bed with his supposedly ex-wife.

Now I was utterly crushed. I went nuts! I mean literally nuts. He told me that day that he had never actually been divorced.

Continued next post comment!!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena!
Sorry for the late response...
Thanks so much for this award!
Your friendship means a lot to me :)
Keep smiling :)
Hugs xx

Mizé said...

You´re right...I´m trying to cope but lately I´ve been a little distracted chatting online. Well, I guess I was needing some fun too.
Hugs to you too dear!

Mizé said...

First of all you´re forgiven :)
I know you try your best to cope with all that you want to do...

Thanks for sharing your´s truly a sad one... speechless...
I know that when we´re in love we can be soooo naive.

Me and my husband had been together for over 14 years. We married for love and I know I still have feelings for him.
Our break up was mainly a lapse of communication and understanding. Maybe we can overcome it someday... Maybe love wins.
Hugs xx