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By my profile picture you can´t tell but I´m a very tall woman comparing to my country´s average. I have 1,79 m.
Before having my daughter I had an elegant look but during pregnancy I gained considerable weight.
It took me a very long time to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy, specially because I didn´t have the habit to exercise. Because I am tall, I always had some problems finding clothes for my size or my number of shoes. Clothes xxl size were sometimes too big or to small, specially sleeves, trousers and jackets. I always had difficulties finding sleeves and trousers´ legs that suit me until I found plus size women clothing catalogs. One of my favorite Clothing Catalgoue is "Simplybe" because it includes models that were designed considering tall women ´s sizes and body proportions, not only large sizes. Simplybe is UK's leading direct home shopping company. This company operates over 20 catalog brands.
In Simplybe online store you can find fashionable plus size women clothing at affordable prices. The store also offers footwear and accessories. This online store has cool features, you can search clothes and other items available by size, color or brand. Then, you can enlarge items to check all details. What I like most about this online store is the clothes modern cuts, prices and the large variety of brands to chose from.

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jenie said...

visitng you here mize'

it's been a while...hope you can visit back. as well as my:

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize :)

Dropping by to say hi and to see what is new over here on your side of the world and things seem great as always :) Will just be reading here for a while :)

Hope that your week is continuing to be a fabulous one and stress free.

Take care always,
In the mean time come and visit my virtual streets :)

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