Blogging Chores

In the past two months, I´ve been so busy with my full time job and personal life that I almost neglected some of my blogs.
Now that I made the decision to return to my usual blogging chores, at full speed, I realized how much I have to do to catch up.
Running a few blogs and two domains isn´t a "piece of cake" but now that I entered this adventure, I don´t want to give up one of my favorite hobbies which is almost a part-time job.
Blogging is a very rewarding activity to me and I´m not talking about making money online. Other bloggers out there will probably understand what I mean. The truth is when I like one thing, I really like it... this is one of my obsessive traits :)
In the next days, I have to elaborate a "To Do" list so I can make time management plans. In fact, I have plans for all my blogs, ideas in my mind that I´d like to put in practice.
I will need some weeks to catch up but once Winter has arrived, I will spend more time at home and, hopefully, I will be able to stick to my "To Do" list.
I´ll share my list in a future post. See you soon :)

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