What Makes a Website Work

What makes a website work is a question I frequently ask myself.
My experience as a blogger allows me to draw a few conclusions about this topic.
A good web site development plan should consider a few different aspects such as design, content, traffic and search engine optimization.
Design is crucial, if a website doesn´t look good, visitors won´t feel attracted to come back. If a you want your website to look good but you don´t have enough skills to design it yourself, you should consider hiring web design services. There are plenty companies that offer affordable design solutions.
Content is king, we all heard this jargon before. I agree with it, I prefer visiting a website with good content and poor design and not the opposite. Juicy content makes visitors come back again and again and some of them may become your best readers. This leads us to the traffic topic. The more the better but you sure want quality over quantity. Traffic can be related to content. The better your content is the more regular visitors you´ll have.
Another good way to get traffic is trough search engines. SEO is a complex topic. You can learn it yourself or hire search engine optimization services. If you want your website to work you should not ignore SEO. I have a good example how SEO can work on my favor with my art blog. If it wasn´t for SEO I wouldn´t have as many daily visitors as I have.
So, a website can be successful when a combination of this aspects works well.

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