Blogger Status: Weekend Off, Vacations & Halloween Parade

Yeap, it´s true. This week, I had Saturday off but once there won´t be any ophthalmology surgeries, my chief nurse decided to give me Sunday off, iupi!
For me, a whole weekend off is a reward.
Honestly, I think I deserve it because I´ve been a good girl at my job. I try to get along well with all co-workers, I´m responsible, work hard and I have never missed a single day.
I started working in the Sterilization department of my town´s Central Hospital last April 1st, next November 1st makes seven moths. Time flies, I already have 18 days of vacation to enjoy. My chief nurse already marked my vacations. This year, I´ll enjoy a ten days period and I´ll save the other eight for next year. I´ll be home from November 30th until December 15th. I´ll earn less money but I´ll enjoy fifteen days at home. Can´t wait for my vacations!
I´m thinking about resting and using some days to make a winter cleaning to get rid of some of my flat´s clutter. I need to organize stuff and I have old home improvement projects to put in practice. I also need quotes to put a new floor in my balcony, something I´ve been wanting for a long time. To do all this I need free time.
Tomorrow, there will be a Halloween Night Parade in Loulé. My daughter already has a costume and wants to go there. I´m not a devil´s worshipper but I think it will be fun, just like the Carnival Parade. Maybe we will go.
A good weekend to all!

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