Modern Lifestyle and Seniors

One research paperwork I did for my course was about geriatrics. Portuguese population has a high percentage of seniors that live from retirement pensions. Retirement pensions are very low and most of these seniors income can´t even cover their basic needs.
Families have busy lifestyles, most couples work over eight hours daily so they don´t have much time to look after their kids and seniors. Many seniors are isolated and don´t have enough social support.
On the other hand, Senior Housing have high costs, many are overcrowded and don´t have enough resources to receive more occupants. Many seniors need a skilled nursing facility because they have different health problems. Others aspire Senior independent living but their income is not enough and families can´t help them either. It´s a sad reality and one of the biggest disadvantages of the so called modern lifestyle.
Statistics show that larger families don´t live together as they used to some decades ago. By all these reasons, many seniors are left to their luck without proper support.
More recently, government has created home health-care options for those in need but they have huge wait lists. Can a senior wait a few years to receive proper care? Not at all. We need to create more senior social support structures to our elders, and fast.

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