Blogger Status: A Weekend to Rest

Finally, I have a weekend to rest, iupi!
Today it´s my day off and tomorrow, Sunday, I´ll only work six hours from 6 pm to midnight.
In the past couple months, I always work mornings on weekends so I can´t go out till late. If I do, the next day I´m feeling like crap and when I arrive home I don´t have any energy left.
So, tonight I´m free to do whatever I like. I feel like going out for a drink but I also have so much to do online... Maybe I´ll do one of my night owl blogging nights.
I don´t want to spend money because the fair is in town and next weekend I want to go there with my daughter. Saving tonight to spend next weekend, lol.
A peaceful weekend to all, I´ll be back soon :)

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