Build a Free Website With Hpage

Have you ever tried building a website with a free tool?
Tonight, I came across hpage and decided to try this system to check how a free website builder works. I created a free account with my e-mail and started using the program right away.
It´s surprisingly easy to create a hpage free website. They offer 300 MB of space, which is enough for a website with many pages, and have over 300 unique design templates to pick from. All templates have attractive design and a good combination of colors. Check out my cool website template:

With hpages you can easily build a website without having any coding or design skills because all you need to do is follow instructions displayed in a small pop up window. With this system you just need to write content because the website itself is ready in a few simple steps.
After creating your website you can add pages anytime. Plus, they offer many extras to make your website even better. Extras include own forums, newsletters, a member area, counter, guest-book, survey, contact form, pinboard, galleries, link lists, password protection and gimmicks.
Gimmicks are small additional functions you can add to your website such as snowflakes, right-click protection, analog clock, magic dust that follows your visitor´s mouse pointer, among others.
Hpage provides those extras with a points system. You can win points trough different ways. For example, each day you login your hpages account you win points, then you can redeem points for the extras you´d like to have on your website.
If you´d like to build a free website in a few simple steps, check out

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