Sometimes I Feel Like Hitting Myself

Yeap, it´s true. Right now, I feel like hitting myself really hard because I could have made much more money online than I did.
Some months ago, I joined Blogvertise, a blog advertising company similar to PPP that pays me very well for each task.
It´s no secret that I make a few extra bucks with some of my blogs trough this type of advertising. I don´t feel I´m a bad blogger for doing paid posts because I also blog just for fun, but that´s a topic for another day.
In the past weeks, I spent way too much time blog hopping, reading blogs/websites, researching and doing other tasks. The hours at night fly and when I notice, it´s time to go to bed.
Well, I feel like hitting myself because I totally forgot to check the website as often as I should to accept the offers available to me. Last week, when I logged in, I had over eight offers expired, shhh.
I sent them one e-mail asking to have those tasks reassigned but I don´t think I´ll be that lucky. You see, with this company we have five days to complete assigned tasks and if we don´t accept or deny those offers our account can be closed for inactivity.
I just hope they don´t close my account and this month I will sure pay more attention to this company. How could I imagine they had so much work for me? Well, if I never login, and if I don´t check my e-mail box frequently, I´ll never know.
If you´d like to join Blogvertise, you can help me a bit and click my affiliate link above. See you soon :)

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Monica said...

Hello Mize! oh take it easy.. I'm sure they won't close yr account.. ;)