Blogger Status: Writing & Reading PF Blogs

In the past couple nights, I´ve been online till very late. Besides doing my EC round and searching for new tasks, I´ve been working on my newest adventure, my second Personal Finances blog.
As some of you know, PF is a topic I enjoy very much and once I´m trying to make the most out of my own finances, why not blog about it, right?
I still have a lot of work to do in order to accomplish the minimum of posts I´d like to have on my new online endeavor.
As usual, while visiting EC blogs under PF category, I got a bit lost in time reading articles and learning about other blogger´s successes, failures and best saving money or frugal tips.
I really want to learn more about Personal Finances topics and find what other bloggers are posting about. With this type of research, I can improve my own blog and write posts that share my finances perspective within the Portuguese reality. While visiting the PF category in EC, I found a few interesting blogs. For example, I´m enjoying reading:


I´ll update you on my progress.
See you soon :)

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