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In my country Halloween is not typically celebrated but, thanks to TV, we have imported some traditions from countries like US.
Nowadays, many kids get dressed and play trick or treat. Many schools have adopted Halloween as a day to have fun, just like Carnival.
This year, my daughter is making Halloween masks in school.
The best Halloween story I can remember happened with my daughter. Last year, we bought her a witch costume and she played trick or treat with some friends in our neighborhood buildings. They only got tired of playing trick or treat a couple hours later.
When my daughter returned home she brought a supermarket bag half filled of stuff. I was surprised to see the bag so full. She putted the bag in our kitchen table and started telling me how things went while knocking on our neighbor´s doors.
It was amazing, some neighbors gave her candies or chocolates, others money and a few didn´t even opened their doors to my daughter and her friends. My daughter and her friends have nine years in average and although they looked quite frightening in their Halloween costumes they´re nothing but kids. The most amazing thing was when my daughter took a packet of rice out of the bag. She said an old laddie opened her apartment´s door and commented "Poor kids, they must be starving". The lady gave them a couple packet of cookies, bread and a packet of rice, which ended up in my daughter´s bag because no other kid wanted it.
This Halloween, If you´d like to have fun you can Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You and go out play trick or treat with your kids. In my country is guaranteed fun once you never know how your neighbors will react.
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