Education & Carrers

In my course, I had a subject about career choice and development. It was very interesting to study skills, vocation, career choice and development topics.
If you ask me my opinion about careers, I would tell you right away it all starts when we´re kids and with the education paths we chose along the way.
In today´s job market, education is fundamental. Worldwide, the best paying jobs require very specific and advanced education but being a good professional requires vocation. People, in general, have better performances when they have a job they really like. Others are motivated by extrinsic factors such as paychecks. But no matter how much a certain job pays, I think the best way to chose a career is by analyzing skills, likes and dislikes.
I´ve heard of students that start a course in business schools just because they think they will have better paying jobs. Others chose a culinary arts business course to express their creativity without thinking much about paychecks.
In my country, education is a must when we think about high paying jobs but some people achieve success in professional life by starting a business. There´s no way around it.
Another path for success is to have an education abroad. For example, If I could follow College Chicago, I would have higher recognition than with a course taken in my own country. Many students decide to follow their education in US and when they come back they have better jobs.
No matter what education path we follow, the best thing is choosing with the heart. After all, we will be doing that job for a long time so why not do something we really enjoy, right?

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