Student Life: I Finished My Degree!

It´s been a while since I last wrote a post about my student life.
In my last post about this topic, I mentioned that I had big decision to make regarding my course. You can read that post here.
My decision was to change to Bologna´s courses model and according to it, I finished my degree.
Last week, I went to my University and applied for the equivalences. Now I´m waiting for their reply.
If they accept my equivalences application, which I´m sure they will because this year I was second best in my class, I officially finished the first cycle of Bologna courses model, iupi!
This means I finished my degree and now I can officially introduce myself as a Psychology Technician, Dr. Maria :)
Although I ended the first cycle of my course, my student life won´t end here. This year I won´t be a student but next year or so I´m going back to University. Yes, I am. I just need to save enough money to pay school taxes than I´ll be back. My plans for the future include finishing the second cycle, which is equivalent to Masters degree.
I didn´t blog about Psychology before because, until now, I was just a student. Now that I finished my degree I feel more confident about offering my services in my area of expertise, which is Clinical Psychology.
I´m proud of myself and I wanted to share this achievement with all my blogging fellows.
Congratulations to me! It was hard but I made it!

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