Comfort: A Good Investment

The word "saving" is always in the back of my mind but the truth is I´m a shopaholic in recovery. I still love luxury items but every day I make an effort to be more frugal. Having a frugal lifestyle doesn´t happen from day to night. I have many spending temptations, huge ones, but I try to control them the best I can. Currently, my biggest temptations are comfort items and home improvement projects. I keep rationalizing and making excuses for this spending impulses. For example, I tell myself that comfort items are good investments and once I work hard I deserve them. The fact is we only live once and if we can afford it why not buying, right?
The best way to avoid spending money is locking myself at home because when I go shopping I start having ideas. For example, last Saturday, I went to Faro´s annual fair with my daughter. After a few rides in the carousels, we decided to look around tents. My favorite tents were the ones selling mattresses and massage chairs. I´m planning buying a new mattress but if If I could afford a massage chairs, I would pick Human Touch.
Human Touch® chairs are human-like massage that replicates the rolling, kneading, compression and percussion techniques of massage professionals. Their chairs have multiple automatic programs that allow us to customize massage area, intensity and techniques used. Human Touch chairs provide full-body massage that follows the contours of our spine and body from neck to foot. With this type of technology we´re in control of the massage experience. Plus, recent chairs are very beautiful, leather ones are my favorite.
Just imagine arriving home from a tiring day at work and having a private message professional at our service. A new good quality mattress and a massage chair are on top of my "want" list.

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