Thank You EC Droppers!

Tonight, I spent over three hours visiting EC blogs. Dropping almost until I dropped :)
With so much diversity, I always find interesting posts to read. I enjoy checking updates and commenting on my favorite blogs. I don´t like to drop and run but with so many blogs to reciprocate the fact is I don´t have time to read them all. I would need two nights in a row just to read all 300 latest posts. I just read those posts that for some reason catch my attention.
Tonight, I also received over 300 drops!
I wish I could return all drops but, as you know, it´s not possible. After reaching my 300 daily limit I have to wait for the system reset. Tomorrow night, I´ll reciprocate the drops I wasn´t able to do tonight.
Thanks to all that drop & advertise on Night Clicks!
Your company helps filling my insomnia nights :)

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