Funny T-Shirts

In Summer, I always wear T-shirts. I have over fifteen T-shirts in different colors and shapes but once my wardrobe is not as big as I wish I don´t hang them in hangers, I keep them in drawers.
When my mother goes on vacation she always brings me a new T-shirt as present. The last one she brought me was from Egipt with pyramids on it.
I´m one of those persons that likes to keep everything, specially my old T-shirts. They´re full of memories from concerts and other good times. The last T-Shirt I bought was from my University course.
My favorite T-shirts are from music bands or funny t shirts like those in Badideatshirts website. This online store offers over 1000 designs and sizes up to 6xl. Currently, there´s a 50% off all designs promotion. Check the link above to see all designs.

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Mariuca said...

What a cute Tee, meow meow! :)

Love this new look btw Mize, good job!