Changed Night Clicks Template

Hello everyone.
Tonight, I spent a couple hours changing Night Clicks template. I was getting bored to have the previous look and felt like changing it.
I also spent some time organizing labels, things were pretty messy around here. I need to find some time to review old posts, one by one, and check links. This is a task I will do another day because it takes lots of time. I have 1078 posts to go trough, not an easy job but a required one. Probably, some links don´t work anymore so the best thing to do is check them all.
I also made a blogroll "cleaning". By the way, I´m opened to link exchange. If you´d like to exchange links with me, just leave me a comment.
That´s all for tonight. See you :)

3 comentários:

marek said...

Nice blog.I like it

Mrs Mecomber said...

What a lovely template! It's clean and pretty.

I'm interested in a link exchange. I don't have many blogs with Page Rank, but what I have I can exchange. :) Send me a message via Entrecard, if you wish.

Allena said...

Hi Mize! Nice template!!! I wish i can also do the same with my blog's template. getting tired of it too. lol! i just don't have time to learn how to make one.

anyways, have blessed week! take care my friend!