Keeping Good Memories

When I was a kid, cameras were not as usual as nowadays. My mother used to take me pictures, at least, twice a year and in special occasions. She gathered all my best pictures and made a photo album to offer me. When I was pregnant, I decided to do the same thing. I started taking pictures of every special moment to make a Photo Album for my daughter. Once I didn´t have a digital camera I had to print all photos. Back then, printing photos was expensive.
In fact, I took so many pictures of my daughter as a baby that I made a few albums. I still need to buy a couple more albums to keep all the photos I took in recent years.
When I show my Photo Albums to my friends or colleagues, I realize that I´m not getting younger and I miss those days when my daughter was a baby so much. She was so cute, just like a bald-headed doll.
I was browsing the Internet for photo albums and found one shop that also has very cool day planners, just how I like them. Yes, I´m already thinking about my Christmas presents. This year, I´m offering myself a few.

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