My Diet Story

For me, losing weight without restrictive diets has been an old battle. I´m a foodie and adore sweets but since I started working at the hospital I lost over 10 Kg. That´s a lot of weight lost in seven months. All my friends notice and comment my new look and now that Winter is approaching, I have to renovate my wardrobe because my clothes are too big for me now.
To lose weight, I didn´t use any special diet. I just reduced food intake, specially sweets and fat, and started making more small meals. I walk much more than before and exercise while I´m working. Plus, I started replacing some meals with fruits and protein bars. I also replaced some meat meals for fish and I prefer soups or salads for lunch. For breakfast, I have cereals instead of white bread.
After using these tips for a few months, I started noticing a difference in my clothes. Now, after losing over 12 Kg my worry is to keep my weight and don´t regain what I have lost. I know it´s hard to lose more weight but I´ll keep trying. Persistence and motivation are very important in any diet. Now that I have 85 Kg, my goal is to reach 80 Kg.

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