Readings & Boring People

While making my EC round, I read a post which message was: "Boring people get bored easily".
I don´t recall in which blog I read these words and I´m sorry not to credit the author but, tonight, I remembered this idea and decided to write something about it. In fact, I´m writing as I´m thinking despite thinking faster than I write.
I couldn´t agree more with those words. Boring people often complain they´re bored.
I´m always complaining that time is never enough but I´m rarely bored. Usually, I´m entertained with something or with my own thoughts. Although I have impulsive tendencies I enjoy analyzing things. I´m always projecting something I´d like to do, even if I can´t find time to do it.
I also speak a lot and probably think too much too but this doesn´t mean I´m not a boring person to some. The bottom line is I enjoy myself even when I´m alone and rarely get bored. You see, there´s so much to do both online and offline that I don´t picture myself bored. On the other hand, some people bore me.
The same happens with some people I talk to. After a few, they´re out of words. They don´t have substance to keep interesting conversations going. Many don´t know how to express their feelings. They run around in circles and always get stuck when it comes to expressing their own feelings. Maybe they don´t know how they feel or just can´t find words to describe it. This I can understand, some feelings are speechless and words don´t seem to express them but if you´re a person with "substance" and a rich inner world you rarely get bored or lack words.
Once, a friend told me that I always have something to say. Yes, I could talk all night without getting bored. I do speak a lot but my words are rarely empty.
So, I couldn´t agree more with the idea above: "Boring people get bored easily" and I would add "Boring people often bore me".
While writing this post, I just remembered I still haven´t picked a song for my next Music Monday. See, rarely bored :)
A good Sunday to all!

2 comentários:

jenie said...

glad to be one of your not boring=)

im back to blogging, hope to see more of you again!

Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I'm forever busy but sometimes I get bored too...that's when I know it's time for a vacation! He he! :)