My Experience With Online Insurance

Because I own a flat and a car, I have different experiences with insurance companies. In the past, I have used mediator´s services and I contracted insurance policies directly to different companies. Recently, when I decided to change my car insurance I tried, for the first time, online quotes.
I was surprised with this experience because I was able to find cheaper prices trough the Internet.
I wasn´t sure about the quality of services provided by companies that only offer online services but I changed my mind the same day. After providing my personal information I was contacted by a company´s representative the same day. After I accepted to contract their services they sent me my receipts and contract by e-mail. A couple days after paying my first receipt I received all documentation by mail. Simple and quickly, plus I saved money. I had a good experience with this company and if you need a new insurance I would recommend you checking online quotes.

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