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When I started Night Clicks, I was a blogging newbie. I already had my Portuguese Art blog but when I decided to learn how to earn money online I realized that I needed to blog in English. Blogging in English was an adventure that I also thank my blogging "Godmother", Rachel, from "".
Back then, I felt the need to research more about blogging and blogging resources. It was then that I found all the Pro bloggers of our Internet.
While learning, I also shared most of what I found. As you can check in my archives, I have some posts about blogging resources.
When I realized that my personal posts received more comments that any others, I decided to change Night Clicks focus. It became a blog where I post reviews and personal topics along with rants. Well, I blog about anything I fancy, anything under the moon.
Although I don´t talk much about it, I have insomnia. I blog specially at night when the city is sleeping. I have this (problem) way of being since I can remember myself. I´m a night person and I dislike mornings. When I work mornings, I´m not productive and I only wake up after a huge dose of caffeine. That´s why my blog is called Night Clicks.
Starting more blogs in English was another big adventure. Most of my blogs are personal, what goes on in my kitchen (not much lately), my job, my mom & student life, my finances, etc. When I started my blogs I didn´t have a full time job like now but even so I decided to keep them. Although I don´t update them as much as I´d like to, each one is already a part of myself.
Here in Night Clicks, I decided to create another section called "Night Talks" where I post my "rants" about anything that comes to my mind. In this section you´ll find those posts that don´t fit in other categories.
Ok, after all this night talk, I´m off to Youtube to prepare my Music Monday post. See you soon :)

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