Night Clicks: 2nd Blogversary Approaching

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I have a Blogversary widget here on Night Clicks so I don´t forget when the next one will be. Today, I noticed that my second blogversary will be in 22 days.
Night Clicks will be two years old in less than one month, a milestone on my blogging ventures.
Looking back, I don´t regret a minute dedicated to this blog. I learned so much and meet so many wonderful people trough this virtual space that I would do it all over again.
I won´t be able do do a Blogversary contest all by myself, or something like that, but maybe I could reward my EC top droppers with some credits. After joining EC, my blog ranks improved, thanks to my loyal droppers. Trough EC, I also found (and still find) great blogs and became their loyal reader.
Anyway, two years blogging is a date to remember and without your visits and comments things here on Night Clicks would not be the same. I´ll try to come up with some idea to reward my special blogging friends.
See you soon :)

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