Outdoor Spaces

When I think about my country-home project, I start dreaming how nice it would be if I could choose everything as I like.
My home project is not complicated, I´d like to build a one floor wooden house without many luxuries but full of good taste details.
There are two indispensable things I´d like to have: a fireplace for cold winter nights inside and a patio with a barbecue and Outdoor furniture.
Once in a while, I buy home decor magazines and I´m always amazed when I see winter gardens with Patio furniture. I like wooden furniture but Wicker furniture can also create also create comfortable and fashion spaces. Combining resistant materials and fashion colors is the trick to create a wonderful outdoor space where I could relax after a working day or make a family dinner.
Home improvements are definitely one of my passions and although I don´t know much about fashion I would love to do my own decor projects.
The dream of building a country home the way I´d like it to be is achievable but I still have to work hard for it. While I don´t reach my goal, I entertain myself browsing home decor and furniture websites to check the latest fashion.

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