Night Talks

Hello everyone.
The next few days I´ll be doing afternoon and night shifts...less time to be online.
Tonight, I just arrived from a calm shift. Well, calm for me. My workmates have to stay almost all night because there were operations and everything has to be sterilized for tomorrow. Lucky me tonight :)
After finishing my shift and before I come home I have to pick my daughter. When we arrive home we have a snack together and then she goes to bed. After preparing some toasts and a cup of milk, the first thing I do is turn my notebook on. My notebook is always in my kitchen´s table, the space that became my home office. I even have my comfortable office chair in my kitchen to do my blogging nights.
The weather has changed, last night I was cold and today I had to wear a jacket. Winter is coming and the rain season too. No more hot sweaty nights. This means I have to start changing my clothes from one wardrobe to another. Maybe this weekend I´ll start doing this boring task. Saturday I´ll have a day off and Sunday I´ll be working from 16 to midnight so I´ll have a bit of time to put things in order.
See you later guys, I´m off to my EC round :)

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